urban art

Exhibition and release of the BSSD publication at RACA Friday 2 March 2007!

Release of the RACA newspaper # 02 at RACA Friday 2 February 2007!

The 1st in a serie of 3rd windowshows by The Burnt Raven Family

A performance by Mandy Romero

3-days live-TV program at RACA




An investigation into the mechanisms of decision making and the judgment of consumer values, taste and style.

An evening at RACA filled with excitement, nervousness, and joy.

An exhibition by Lorma Marti, Berlin/Rome.

A showgirls show.

A presentation by Annika Lundgren.

A one night video-diskussion about Beirut.

Exhibition by Karina Mosegård.

by Denise Hawrysio.

Big cartoon posters.

Exhibition by Julie Lundsteen Boserup.

Posters by Brændt Ravn.

An mobile archive for contemporary artists, artists groups, curators, researchers and other arts professionals.

A showroom for the computergame THE FLAMING ELECTRICITY CAT CHILD.

A artist talk night.

Everyday objects by Johan Carlsson.

A sound performance night at RACA.

Installation by the painter Morten Sørensen.

Window installation, black and white photography and illustrated insects.

Windows installation, television and video.


Staging the perfect Christmas Eve.

The exhibition documented the Surface Service event
that was held during The Liverpool Biennial of Art, 2002.