A TV lounge belonging to a blind girl named Kirsty.
What does a blind girls TV-lounge look like ? What are the reasons and limits for self expression, when one can hardly see ? Who would one like to impress ? How would one arrange a TV lounge ? And do blind people watch TV at all ? This TV lounge answers the questions according to Kirsty.
Kirsty is Anna Gulmanns imaginary muse whom all her womens wear collections and general creative outlets are inspired by and made for.
Each collection poses a challenge for Kirsty. In order to avoid having her identity revealed, she successively appears in a new environment, time and profession where she is bound to play her part. Kirsty’s ’costumes’ are designed to help her play her role convincingly.
The TV screens the film Kirsty – The Movie. It takes you through the adventures of Kirsty: From her time as a clerk at the post office, where she got fired for stealing letters, to her life as a road user and finally tells the story of her experiences as a circus artist. Kirsty is never bored. She even worked as an undercover agent, masquerading as a ‘French crossword puzzle enthusiast who liked long lonely walks in the woods’. But the job was a lot more demanding than first appeared. The film takes a peak through her cover.

The film is a collaboration between fashion designer Anna Gulmann and the art trio, Ingen Frygt.

Link: www.annagulmann.dk