RACA 9 Feb. – 26 Feb. 2006

"It is better to train the mind to see beauty, rather than strain the eye with beauty" – Jeremy Walton, Designer, Paradiseparkdesignstudios.

With the purpose of using the concept of Extreme makeover” in urban space and proposing projects for discussion a group of designers, architects, fashion stylists and academics meet up at RACA for a three day intense workshop. Taking place parallel to the Copenhagen fashion fair the overall theme for the workshop dealt with fashion and architecture. During two evenings and a full Saturday was projects discussed, conceptualised and realised. The thought behind the workshop was to test contemporary ideas about architecture and fashion via the implementation of live projects in the urban environment without large scale budgets and encourage architectural strategies inspired by fashion and the reverse. The project could be seen as a Cinderella like experience, doing a lot with small means. Extreme Makeover is about radical change from before and after, from known to unrecognizable, visual stimulation and cross-fertilization.

Berglund Isabell, fashion designer
Campion Sebastian, concept designer
Carlsson Johan, architect
Frandsen Martin, sociology, geography
Hansson Anna, designer
Johansson Maria, architect
Larsen Iben, planner
Ludviksen Morten, architect
Nørgaard Pagh, Jesper , architect
Schantz, Petra, culture geography
Sthur, Jan, stylist
Væring Anette, concept designer
Walton Jeremy, designer
Wiksten Desjardins, Susan, art

Thursday 9.2
16:30 Welcome to all of you
17:00 Introduction by Johan Carlsson and Anette Væring
17:30 Input by Anne Jerslev, lecturer Film- and media science Copenhagen University
18:00 Introduction to groups, materials*, tools etc.
18:15 Food + work in groups
20:00 Meet up for discussion on concept models
21:00 Makeover bar – open for public
22:00 RACA closes

Friday 10.2
15:00 Meet at RACA
15:15 Work in groups
17:00 Film screening at PAUSTIAN
18:00 Work continues
22:00 RACA closes

Saturday 11.2
10:00 Meet at RACA
10:30 Work in groups
13:00 Lunch for all at RACA
13:45 Work continues
18:00 Deadline for t-shirt prints
19:00 Exhibition and bar open for public
20:00 Short presentation of each groups work
22:00 RACA closes

>> Download documentation (pdf, size: 869k)