Mandy at RACA 7 july 2006. Performance in the window.

We think in boxes too much now. I want to be stress-free, so does she, I think. Where can we find some other animals who behave like we do? Everytime thinking happen it falls into boxes- it´s not true! This side a girl, overthere a boy – go and look what he says. Girl is good, but what if I´m a boy-girl? Do you mind? I could be your pleasure, if you will allow such things?
Boy here – Hi! – having my hair cut. Girls are lots of bits – lips, tits, legs, ass, an all the other body locations I like to think about, not see. My dick likes them too, and I like my dick, (a lot). Maybe girl-boys are the best of all. Maybe not. It would be good to try...
It´s O.K.

This is the centre, which holds the text together. We are all somewhere between – the bookshop and the barber, but I know that if I, (the boy – girl- boy who wrote this) had my way, we would all be in the supermarket together, looking at the vegetables and fruit.

– Mandy 7/7/06