Doing the worst we can is an investigation into the mechanisms of decision making and the judgment of consumer values, taste and style.
How does one make a choice? What are the criteria for good and bad?
How are values like good, the best, bad, the worst definable? And how then is this reflected in the artistic production and its reception in the public today?

mon 14.02,19-22h

week 1:   
work in progress:
doing the worst we can
tue 15.02 to fri 18.02, daily coffee hour 17-18h
sat 19.02, 19-23h
presenting the worst installation, the worst surprises,
music and discussion (featuring the worst experts)

week 2:  
sun 20.02, 13-17h
wed 23.02 to fri 25.02, 15-19h
sat 26.02, 13-17h