Ladies en Suite is an exhibition that challenges usual/ordinary ideas about interior design, trends, ornamentation, and set design. The exhibition takes point of reference in the architecture of RACA, with its characteristic window that stretches out on the footpath.

Maiken Bent works among other things with sculptural interior design that with its own quirky way is trying to miss the target. For this exhibition, Ladies en Suite, the standard lamp is the spontaneous basis for the work of Maiken Bent, Delight Deluxe. Proportional the lamp is too big to work as a normal interior design object and this fact is pointing at its status as a sculpture. Each light source on the sculpture are encircled by a lamp shade, that gets its inspiration from different periods, materials and various styles.

Nanna Starck relates with her installation, Kulisse, to conception from ornamentation and drapery to the tension between framing and loss of contents.The circumstance about the presentation of the work and all that is staged is the turning point for Nanna Starck. For the exhibition she relates herself specific to the window of RACA. Here she imitates set design, and with the cut and painted wooden plates the work, Kulisse, creates a frame to the view of Delight Deluxe. From the inside, the work frames the reality.

– Now the stage is set!

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