Showgirls for Ladyfest spotlighted the individual and collaborative works of local and international artists and people who wouldn’t usually refer to themselves as artists. Thirty-two women took part and created a diverse disco mix of paper dolls that made their debut in RACA’s window on 9 September 2004. Our aim was to make a show that would compliment and celebrate Ladyfest in an entertaining, dare I say – light-hearted way, where silliness and glitter rule.

The show was boosted by a workshop-day held on 21 August where twenty women met up and produced some of the show’s stars.

Showgirls Girls:
Milijana Babic
Elin Berg
Nanna Debois Buhl
Julie Cold
Helle Damgård
Jette Ellgaard
Sarah Giersing
Natascha Hardt
Helen Clara Hemsley
Sara Hesby
Jane Karup
Josefin Kvist
Lina Bjørn Larsen
Dorthe S. Linius
Ingrid Lüttichau
Tine Malm
Inez Mortensen
Karina Mosegård
Ayuna Pedersen
Mette Røgilds
Ulla Sauerberg
Anna Schjerlund
Stine Bloch Tranekjær
Siri Vilbøl
Marie Viltoft
Sarah von Essen
Malin Waak
Anna Waldorff Weinholt
Anne Werner