In a few days an installation on Gammel Kongevej will lighten up the autumn gloom for people moving through the city streets. In place of traffic noise and agressive light bombardment the windows of the exhibition space RACA reveal a view of a majestic and calm landscape.
Through the use of an advanced printing technique the shop windows are mounted with a translucent landscape photograph nearing almost 12m2 in size. The image is lighted from within the shop resulting in a glowing landscape in the busy street creating a peaceful contrast to hectic city life.
Combimed with a series of images in a smaller format being shown inside the gallery space the exhibition points to a pivotal point in Nikolas Theilgaard’s artistic work. On the one hand the sensual appeal of the images speak of the relationship between colour and light in photography – light giving depth and glow to colour, while on the other hand the installation forms a contrast to the surrounding city space. Here the installation attempts a kind of game where the position of the spectator in relation with the city space she is already part of is reconsidered. "In my artistic work I tend to deal with what you could call ‚the timeless landscape’. The show at RACA is an attempt at exposing a landscape quality of city space through the contrast of nature.“