A sound performance night at RACA.

The performances where completed by Lasse Marhaug (N), Jonas Olesen (DK), Sune T.B. Nielsen (DK) and Testbild (DK).

Through the last couple of years have the Norwegian music scene been under a big development, and with record companies like Rune Grammofon and Smalltown Supersound have Norway become one of the most progressive music scenes in the world. Lasse Marhaug has become one of the front figures within this development. Originally is Lasse Marhaug a nice musician, but have by time developed in the direction of electronica and improvised music, without loosing the feeling of drama of the noise music. Lasse Marhaug is a member of the bands Del and Jazzkammer, as having made records with the names as Merzbow and Kevin Drumm. Jonas Olesen and Sune T.B Nielsen are to play micromalistisc electronic music and deep listening. // Subotnick