RACA 20.th – 22.nd of January 2006

How does is feel when space is responding on your movements?
The installation Color Synesthesia - Moving and Beeing Moved, illustrates how movements in space and the impact on space through the precens of individuals. Color Synesthesia - Moving and Beeing Moved show a scenetic expression using technology as a tool to manipulate what is real and what is virtual. Abouth the show they say: “Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2004 our interest has been focused on how people interact with and effect their surroundings by their percents. How traces of someone being there are recorded and how those could be made visible through technological translation. Through non-verbal signals the environment is decoded and thereby also the persons and objects surrounding us. It is these traces and signals that we through the installation are making an effort to illustrate. The viewer gets a personal experience while every reaction will be different all depending on the person’s arrangement and interaction with the space.
Color Synesthesia - Moving and Being Moved is a piece by the Danish / Icelandic group DoitDuet consisting of Ásta Olga Magnúsdóttir and Tatiana Lyng. The two of them met at the workshop D!sturbances in Charlottenborg, June 2003, and have since then been working together on interactive installations such as “Det Tonale Rum”, Radar festivalen, May 2004.

Asta Olga Magnúsdóttir (IS) is candidate within IT, Design, Communication & Media, IT, University of Copenhagen. Tatiana Lyng (DK) is MA Designskolen Kolding and Universität der Künste Berlin.

Link: www.tati.dk/doitduet