At RACA 5th November - 5th December 2004.

Waiting Land is based on observations in the Southern Italian Region of Calabria. The project explores the distance between ideal values, ambitions, aspirations, dreams, and their actual manifestation. It describes this through the observation of marginal aspects of a territory. Unseen and ignored, this territory is in a state of waiting, expecting the next event: nature the next onslaught (Amazons), a carcass to be completed (Domus, El Croquis), an interior to be lived in (Elle Deco, Wallpaper), a dream to be realized (Dallas, Bacardi), concrete to turn into gold (a missing planning consent, Knight Frank and Rutley, et. al.).
Waiting Land is at once place and condition. As a territory it enjoys widespread actuality, as manifestation it remains anonymous. This place is neither ignored nor unwanted. Still, it remains unseen. Found conditions are observed from a distance. The approach is less documentation than a search for evidence describing social and urban reality, which is brought into consciousness by narratives.

For the Copenhagen exhibition Lorma Marti move evidence into the showroom of RACA in the form of an installation of real size columns as they mark the continuously growing territory of Waiting Land. A range of videos, images and archetypical items complete the installation.

LORMA MARTI was formed by Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino in 2000. Their work deals with the evident and the unseen, which in their observations are explicitly correlated. The reinterpretation of contemporary phenomena leads to the search for a specific approach in each project. Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino live and work between Berlin and Rome.

Many thanks to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura and the Goethe Institut in Copenhagen for their support.