RACA at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, 26th Aug.– 4th Sept. 2005

Modern art museums of today serve a much bigger role than just supporting knowledge and culture, acting as social spaces for events, business meetings, family excursions, coffee drinking, etc. The art museums have moved from being a non-commercial free space towards a more commercial and sponsored lifestyle experience. This change in program challenges the way in which art is communicated and how the visitors are receiving it.

by RACA explores the meeting between the art and the populist culture, by merging the museum shop and the collections into one designed unit. A dynamic meeting-place that trigger a dialogue between visitors, art and the museum; discussing methods of communicating art, and questioning the role of design and brand in relation to communicating art.

Moderna/Moderna lasted for ten days during which time RACA acted as employees of Moderna Museet. Dressed in the museum’s own uniforms, acting as guides, RACA took part in the daily routines of the Museum. Meeting up with the staff for morning coffee, having lunch with them and checking out at the same time in the evening.

mirrors Moderna Museet itself, using imitations of shapes and codes already in existence at the museum.
An intense period of conversations about joy, confusion, promotion and consumption.

23th Nov. 2005 a seminar following up on the project was hold at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

by RACA in collaboration with Craft in Dialogue/IASPIS and Moderna Museet.


Download documentation & writings about the
Moderna/Moderna project at Moderna Museet (pdf file, 5mb).

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