This project was an event within the exhibition "Contemplation Room", Gallery Overgaden, 2002.

Direktoratet (The Directorate) is an investigation, an event that was created by a factual urban condition, with the purpose to engage and involve local habitants and create a bit of noise in everyday life.
The event was a social-service event, relating to and involving the citizens of two residential areas in Copenhagen. The two areas, Sønder Boulevard and Enghavevej, are both suffering from the lack of communication between urban-planners and the inhabitants. The problem is focused on and brought to daylight through an absurd and humoristic comment.

We produced 200 green pillows, all marked with a logo that closely resembles The City of Copenhagen’s municipal logo. The pillows were placed on public benches in these areas, two pillows on each bench. Workers dressed in green uniforms repeated the activity of placing the pillows, cleaning the benches and replacing stolen ones twice a day. This routine continued for a two-week period.

The pillows that in the beginning were seen as something different became part of the everyday. The project took on its own life and became a reality. The point of interest was not the staged event but the reaction that followed it - the debate between the locals and The City of Copenhagen.