An event within the exhibition “Urban Art stories”, Berlin, Germany, 29 April 2 – 6 Maj 2005

Alexanderplatz a design providing service to the users of the square.
RACA placed 100 public deck chairs on Alexanderplatz and the public were free to use and move them. The project explores the potentials of urban space and urban furniture in relation to the user. Making the users conscious about the space surrounding them, and establish a supplement that gave them the opportunity to stop and see the urban environment from new perspectives.

The heavy, permanent benches were replaced by lightweight soft deckchairs. Seating areas were moved from the border of the square to a central position on the square. Who said that we do not want to sit down in the middle of the square? And who said that we want to sit in the same spot all day? Each chair is designed with a white field for resting your head on or for leaving a message. People like to leave a mark of themselves, make a tag or draw a picture. Instead of designing for this to be easy to remove why not make a design for this to happen? “We love sitting down and people-watching!”